Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 in Summation.

How does this work again?! 

I didn't stop making things last year, I just stopped sharing them with you. I blame Pinterest, Stupid Zombies, Stupid Zombies 2, road tripping, moving my BF in, being stuck at work 9 hours a day and my overall lack of blogging enthusiasm. Sorry. 

So I went through my phone and pulled pictures of what I made. Here's a brief (Just kidding - this is the LONGEST POST IN HISTORY!) photo summary of "what I made in 2012!"

 I made some cute spoon markers for the garden.
 I made a kick-ass bird house.
 I made some raised beds and grew grass in them for a few months.
 I made and murdered strawberry crepes.
 I made a little hot-house for plant starts (that has since sat empty, as I killed everything I put inside of it. You gotta water that stuff man!).
 I made a ring to replace the one I lost on the raft-like-boat.
 I made this guy get outta my way.
 I made these get in my belly.
 I made this dead bird. Or rather, I made this bird dead...
 I made clean laundry.
 I made it home.
 I made my kid get out of the Delaware River.
 I made no excuses.
 I made a potato tower.
 I made Oreo truffles that looked like poo.
 I made this all better.
 I made spicy green beans.
 I made this into canned food.
 And this.
 And these.
 I made the boy make me a pantry out of a closet.
 I made most of that food.
 I made this note to the Post Office.
 I made much nicer looking Oreo truffles.
 I made it into a book.
 I made this fish wind-chime.
 I made these tags out of old Christmas cards.
 I made this plate with Sharpies.
 And this one...
 And this one...
 I made this shroom cup.
 I made this picture.
 I made my nails pretty.
 I made his nails pretty.

 I made some spicy goodness.
 I made what looks a lot like guts but is really tomatoes.
 I made a cork board.
 I made most of this box of cheese vanish.
 I made a pillow igloo.
 I made my kid the scariest on the block.
 I made dinner with mushrooms I picked.
 I made myself not scream.
 I made cookies without burning down the house.
Last, but not least Cheesehenge was made (I can't even take credit for this one, as the boy made it).

There you have it kids. The LONGEST POST IN HISTORY. Hope your 2012 was great. Hope your 2013 is better!