Tuesday, March 29, 2011

88: So stinking cute!

Well isn't that just the cutest beaver you ever did see?!?!
And he's got a snail friend!! AWWWWWWWWWW!
Who who thinks this guy is just too adorable?!!?
Too stinking cute, right?

Gotta love me some magnet photo frames. 
I've got an idea for the cut out centers also.
Does this count for four days?

Monday, March 28, 2011

87: I mailed you taffy

The dirty things I'd do for a California roll right about now...

86: All you need

The Beatles told us that all you need is love, and I can see that to an extent, but I'm pretty sure Bank of America isn't going to take a hug instead of my mortgage payment.

Here is a card full of fuzzy hearts and shiny squares and stringy thingies to get you by for now.

85: Hanging on

Another googly eyed card for you lovesick fools out there

84: Bloxxx

Smallish magnet

Thursday, March 24, 2011

83: The whole point

- that's the whole point -

It's great how the color changes so much with these metallic paints in different light. This one with just a hint of texture is more black and bronze than the last silver one.

82: Be mine

Oh wait, you are :)

81: The smartest kid on the block

Now that I'm a professional paper maker, I want to make some recycled, recyclable miracle grow starter pots for my garden this spring. I made some forms, added some Miracle Grow and made some paper

Took the wet paper sheets and wrapped them onto the forms
Let them dry - that clumpy one was my first. Beautiful masterpiece isn't it :)
later, rinse and repeat.
I started out folding the wet sheets over plastic pots from last year, then realized I didn't have enough. I tried tin foil, but realized I didn't have a ton of that either. Remembering the HUGE pile of paper on my counter (we're making paper out of paper remember?) I made some forms and that seemed to work out great. Let them dry in the garage for a few days and when it's time for starting some seeds, you've got some great pots that you can plant straight into your garden!

80: **loves**

If you love, express it any way you know how.

79: Awwww

Going to make a series of sticky sweet, love your face, mushy, gushy love cards

78: Washed away

Washed away

3" round fridge magnet. I need to go to the beach again soon. Sit on the shore and let my mind clean out. It's quite the hot jumbled mess lately.

77: Exploding strippers

Have an excess amount of paper? 
Rip it up
Put it in the blender
Add water
Put the lid on tight
 Blend some more
And a little more, until the mixture is nice and smooth
Get a tub full of warm water
Mix your paper pulp into the warm water
It feels chunky and wet and weird
Dip your deckle in, slowly lifting it straight up, letting most of the water drip out
Using a washcloth or sponge, squeeze the excess water out
Sometimes letters don't mix
While your paper is still wet, you can add glitter, or petals, or whatever floats your boat. The girls got a little carried away with the glitter... looks like a stripper exploded in my kitchen. 

Lastly, let the paper dry and send it home with other peoples children so you don't have to deal with the huge continuous mess the glitter will leave EVERYWHERE.

76: The grass is greener OVER HERE!!!

I know this may not look very crafty to you. I get that. Some mow lines in the lawn? Pshhh whatev. Well you know what? Tough. I built that lawn from the ground up (pun TOTALLY intended)! My sweat and blood is fertilizing that lawn! This was the first mow of the year and I totally mowed squares in it!
Crafty indeed.

75: GO TEAM!!!

I can't believe they put that three legged kid in there