Tuesday, July 19, 2011

110: Pallet love

I have been seeing nothing but pallet and mason jar ideas on Pinterest lately. Having an unlimited supply of pallets available to me, I thought I'd try my hand at making something myself. And whoever tells you Pinterest isn't crack is straight up lying to you.
Make sure the cat approves and grab a saw, hammer and some sand paper.
 Still not sure he likes the idea, but hey, he can't talk, so who cares :)
I started cutting 2 boards up from the end. My round blade loud-ass saw isn't cool enough to go all the way through, so I had to hand saw the rest  of the way through. 
Get your arm workout trying to hold the pallet with one hand and saw with the other. If only The Boy was here to hold this thing! 
I sawed it! 
Now you have the basic shape, but your shelf still needs a bottom. Pull a plank off of the pallet. 
The nail heads on this pallet weren't exactly cooperative.
Nail it all back together.
 Sand it down.
Admire your handiwork.
And drill some holes so you can hang it.
You should be able to make 2 of these out of 1 pallet. You will have some leftover parts, but I bet Pinterest will have some ideas on what you can do with them.

109: Got milk?

 Get yourself a wee bit of dish soap.
 And God's gift to ears.
 Food coloring.
 A dish full of whole milk. Don't use skim or 2% - it won't work.
Don't forget the excited 12 year old.

So here's what you do. Pour the milk and wait for it to settle. Drop a few drops of food coloring into the milk. Take your q-tip and dip it into the dish soap. Dunk the soapy q-tip straight into drops of food coloring, and watch the magic!
Photo's really don't do it justice. You're going to have to try this one out yourself.
 I tried dipping the blank cards into the milk to capture some of the colors and patterns that came out. Some turned out better than others, and the colors are much more muted when dried, but hey, it was worth a shot.

Monday, July 18, 2011

108: After the rain

This is my purple iris. I'm a huge fan of macro pictures. I love taking them. I love finding intricate details in everyday normal things. The prospective you don't usually catch. The view you will only see if you really stop and look for it. I've got a neat wall photo gallery that these are going to be a part of. I'll have to show you a picture sometime :)

107: Tea cups are kinda stupid

But little canvases of tea cups are cheap. 
$1 at Michael's.
(I think)
Cover that stupid cup up!
Then miss the pink, and paint it pink again with some pretty little flower buds. Flowers are way cooler than tea cups.
Simple circles and stalks. No big. You can totally do that.

106: It's actually quite fitting for me

 Blank envelope. Check.
 Snip snip snip.
 I totally did
How did you know?! 
Super cheap. Super easy. 
Bookmarks that slide over your page corners.

105: Anna has a twin!

Oh look!!! (super sarcasm voice) It uploaded sideways. 

Madeline is Anna's twin sister. 
I made her a cool hanging tile too.

104: It's Anna's birthday!

Ok, so here's the deal. I made this super cute hanging tile for Anna for her birthday. That's and A. The stupid photo thingy won't let me turn the picture, so tilt your head and take a gander. Since I did this on a whim, you only get the two pictures. Sorry. I'm all sorts of sucking on this post. I will give you a step by step though! Just in case you want to try it for yourself! :) 
See how nice I am?!?!

1.) Find a blank tile. This was given to me along with a huge stack of others when a friend moved recently.
2.) Glue (Gorilla Glue is KING) a picture hanger onto the back. Nice and centered.
3.) Pick a pretty color of acrylic paint (or two, or three).
4.) Paint your tile. Cover it nice and thick (trust me, two layers is much easier to scratch off than one).
5.) Get yourself a nice sharp pencil.
6.) Start scratching your design out of the paint.
7.) When you're finished scratching, brush off all of the flecks of paint.
8.) Find some acrylic sealant and spray a coat over the tile.
9.) Wait for it to dry and find the perfect 11 year old to gift it too! :)

103: Kelsies super late birthday present

Canvas. Gotta love canvas. 
"No colors anymore I want them to turn black" 
 Shiny silver and purple swirlies.
And there you have it!

102: Not my best idea yet

The Boy and I went on a walk all Stand By Me style down the tracks. We had a nice leisurely walk down to the bridge. (I wore the wrong shoes - I don't want to talk about it) 
Along the way, we found these: 

And decided to make ...wait for it... wind chimes. I know, I know. You don't have to tell me. I was thinking something like this... 
But then remembered I couldn't weld. Or solder. Or anything like that. The end result? A 35 pound wind chime that I'm afraid to walk under...
**face palm**