Sunday, January 30, 2011

30: All day for THAT?!


The Restore is our Habitat for Humanity store here in town. Since finding it, I will go there before I head over to the Depot to pay full price and get some shitty service. Last trip, I found these light bulbs. I thought they were super cool and they were only a buck. 

I scoured the web looking for directions to take it apart and found these instructions. After donning my safety glasses and gloves, I set too it. I don't have pictures of my trials (there were a few) BUT this is the outcome. 

No idea right? 

How about now? No? 

Okay, after breaking the large bulb above, I broke an even larger one. Going back to the basics, I tried a regular 40 watt light bulb. That worked superbly. Until I tried soldering the hanger on. The glass heated up too much and cracked. The I found these old bathroom bulbs. The shape wasn't as cool as the larger ones, but it's still neat. I had two of them done, but alas, only one made it to the end.

I'll have to remember to let it dry out all the way after rinsing and before putting the dirt in next time. Because honestly, that looks like a retarded muddy mess. I'm hoping the dust settles in there and the plant grows. Now please excuse me as I go shop vac glass shards from the other 5 bulbs. 

I am going to try again with the large bulbs. I'll keep you posted!

29: Living without you

Living without you

28: Silly girly feelings

Silly girly feelings. 

27: I promised

To finish it. A representation of a fireworks shot I took a few years back.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Madd Skillz

Some people got skill. Madd Skill. Example: 

The Lonely Island crew has madd song writing skillz

 My Grandma Gert has madd baking skillz

My boyfriend has madd writing skillz ;)

And my friend Randy has madd power point photoshop skillz.
Randy has made quite a few pieces since I've known him and each one really has it's own spark. He took all of my shots from the top of the Space Needle and melded them together. It is printable up to three foot poster size, so this picture really isn't going to represent the sheer awesomeness of his handy work.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26: At The Silo House

When The Moo and I visited Maine a few years back, my Grandma Mary, rest her soul, took us to her old place, The Silo House. It's basically a silo that someone turned into a house (rocket science right?)

My Grandma Mary lived there for a while also, but I can't remember if she said she had it built or if she bought it after it was done. Anywhoozle, it had a telephone booth as a doorway and spiral stairs and bookshelves for walls and all sorts of great stuff. It's a freaking house made out of a silo for christ sakes! Outside, I found a clay sculpture of a face that had been hung on a wall. I took the greatest picture of it, and have to admit, it's been one of my favorites. Even five years later.  I'd show you the picture, but then you would see how shitty my drawing of it was...

 I sure do miss my Grandma Mary. She brought so many beautiful things out of her imagination and into the world.

25: Pinky Swear

This is the start of today's project. I started too late at night tho, and couldn't wait for the paint to dry enough to finish it. Sorry kids, someone had to do the laundry, make dinner, help with homework and clean up the house and get a few hours of sleep in there as well. Since that responsibility has fallen to me, this is all you get for now. I'll see what I can do about making it up to you. Pinky swear.

24: No Voodoo... yet.

I received in the mail three large gunny sacks (Thanks Tiff!) to make some voodoo dolls with. Needless to say, gunny sack material is a little harder to work with than I expected. I have the basic form down, it's the securing of the edges that I'm trying to master now. 

So instead, I present to you a last minute required project for a shiny new 6th grade math book. The almighty book cover!! Usual book covers are made out of heavy brown paper and tape, but not this one. It's some glue and 90% of a single fat quarter... purchased god knows when... most likely on sale at Joanns... and has been residing under my bed... until today. 

Depending on the use, I will probably have to throw some stitches in there to keep it together, but looking at her grades, that's not going to be a problem. Maybe this way The Moo will be more inclined to crack it open in all of it's pretty pinkness instead of boring paper bag lameness. One can only hope.  

23: Again with the lamp. Sheesh!

This beautiful masterpiece was discovered, purchased and wired in all for under $30. The old gold 70's style light fixture was cramping my style baby, and we can't be having none of that. **shakes head and wags finger like the crazy baby mommas on day time tv** 

Since I didn't know if you dear followers would consider wiring in a beauty like this as "crafty", here is your limited time offer, one time only, two 'fer. That's right!! Only here!!!  Two 'fer the price of one!! 

(I doodled some pretty pink baubles under my new kick-ass lighting.)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

22: Photo opp from the top

I did get pictures all around the top of the Needle. Working on getting them melded together as sort of a panoramic. 



My friend McGriddle Pants is a die hard Beaver fan, and when I saw all of the little orange pebbles at the beach, I wanted to make something with them for her. So I scoured the thrift shops in my area to find the perfect container, and here it is.

20: Snow, huh?

I love sharpies. No, really. The makers of Sharpies have started coming out with such amazingly bright vibrant colors! I'm digging it.

19: I've always had a death wish

Well, I never thought I'd make it this long anyhow.

Friday, January 21, 2011

It must really be my birthday!

Since I moved away, my parents never call me on my birthday. I always have to call them after a long day of whining about them not calling me, and every time, my dad will answer the phone "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" My folks don't have caller ID, so I wonder, does he answer the phone like that all day? Or does he really know it's me? Well, I've complained about it for at least the last 12 years and low and behold, my dad called me this morning! So, it must really be my birthday :) 

On another note, I have been making stuff this week, I really have. I'd show you, but the internet here is super sketchy. Guess that's what happens when 400 people try to check email at the same time. I've had to start this post like 4 times. **grumble** I promise to share when I finally make it home. And the pictures from the Space Needle at night... AMAZING! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

17: Believe in something dammit

You almost can't see the third color... stupid new camera.
Hoping to get some good Seattle shots this weekend. 
If I manage, I promise to share :)