Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26: At The Silo House

When The Moo and I visited Maine a few years back, my Grandma Mary, rest her soul, took us to her old place, The Silo House. It's basically a silo that someone turned into a house (rocket science right?)

My Grandma Mary lived there for a while also, but I can't remember if she said she had it built or if she bought it after it was done. Anywhoozle, it had a telephone booth as a doorway and spiral stairs and bookshelves for walls and all sorts of great stuff. It's a freaking house made out of a silo for christ sakes! Outside, I found a clay sculpture of a face that had been hung on a wall. I took the greatest picture of it, and have to admit, it's been one of my favorites. Even five years later.  I'd show you the picture, but then you would see how shitty my drawing of it was...

 I sure do miss my Grandma Mary. She brought so many beautiful things out of her imagination and into the world.

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