Wednesday, January 26, 2011

24: No Voodoo... yet.

I received in the mail three large gunny sacks (Thanks Tiff!) to make some voodoo dolls with. Needless to say, gunny sack material is a little harder to work with than I expected. I have the basic form down, it's the securing of the edges that I'm trying to master now. 

So instead, I present to you a last minute required project for a shiny new 6th grade math book. The almighty book cover!! Usual book covers are made out of heavy brown paper and tape, but not this one. It's some glue and 90% of a single fat quarter... purchased god knows when... most likely on sale at Joanns... and has been residing under my bed... until today. 

Depending on the use, I will probably have to throw some stitches in there to keep it together, but looking at her grades, that's not going to be a problem. Maybe this way The Moo will be more inclined to crack it open in all of it's pretty pinkness instead of boring paper bag lameness. One can only hope.  

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