Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10: I love lamp.

I love lamp. 

Wait... I mean I love plants. My house is like the homeless plant shelter. I got to looking around at the rest of my house plants after re-potting the mantle diver, and I have kept some of these suckers alive for a LONG TIME! The above charcoal is of a plant I've had since the early 2000's. I have a spider plant Moo brought home from school in a dixie cup in 2006. I've given away plenty of spider babies from that one. There is the fern-ish thing that I rescued from Kacie when she had my job. A violet that isn't nearly as awesome as The Dan Plant I bought for McGriddle Pants. 42 baby cacti (re-potting cacti is a major pain in the ass by the way). That bamboo one that used to grow straight up just like it should until my ex forgot to water it while I was away. It's all weird and twisty now. I've killed almost all of the Jade, but still have Jadee transplants doing well. The umbrella plant I adopted in 2006 that needs... honestly I don't know what it needs. A poinsettia I jacked from the Albany office (it just needed water) just last week and whatever hot mess is growing outside.

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