Sunday, January 30, 2011

30: All day for THAT?!


The Restore is our Habitat for Humanity store here in town. Since finding it, I will go there before I head over to the Depot to pay full price and get some shitty service. Last trip, I found these light bulbs. I thought they were super cool and they were only a buck. 

I scoured the web looking for directions to take it apart and found these instructions. After donning my safety glasses and gloves, I set too it. I don't have pictures of my trials (there were a few) BUT this is the outcome. 

No idea right? 

How about now? No? 

Okay, after breaking the large bulb above, I broke an even larger one. Going back to the basics, I tried a regular 40 watt light bulb. That worked superbly. Until I tried soldering the hanger on. The glass heated up too much and cracked. The I found these old bathroom bulbs. The shape wasn't as cool as the larger ones, but it's still neat. I had two of them done, but alas, only one made it to the end.

I'll have to remember to let it dry out all the way after rinsing and before putting the dirt in next time. Because honestly, that looks like a retarded muddy mess. I'm hoping the dust settles in there and the plant grows. Now please excuse me as I go shop vac glass shards from the other 5 bulbs. 

I am going to try again with the large bulbs. I'll keep you posted!