Wednesday, March 16, 2011

58: Frankenlamp

The Boy and I were at my local St. Vinnys scouring for pre-painted canvas on the cheap, when we stumbled across  this lamp base for $2.99.  
P.S. No, I didn't need another freaking lamp! 

We did find some canvas... I reported to Facebook, "My project for the day is to rid the world of this. You're welcome." 

Dude, a little primer goes a looooooong way.

As for the lamp, we made sure it worked then proceeded to scour town for a reasonably priced shade ($6.99 - Goodwill). Realizing that we also needed that shade holder thingy, we bought ANOTHER lamp ($4.99 - Goodwill) to steal just that one part. 

The spare lamp will probably be used for target practice, throwing at passing cars from an overpass or maybe I'll get all drunk some night and leave it in an unsuspecting neighbors yard.

After a little hack saw action, a bunch of running around for dumb parts, paying $14.97 wasn't all that bad for how it turned out. I enjoy snuggling up in the chair to talk to The Boy when he is away :)