Thursday, March 24, 2011

77: Exploding strippers

Have an excess amount of paper? 
Rip it up
Put it in the blender
Add water
Put the lid on tight
 Blend some more
And a little more, until the mixture is nice and smooth
Get a tub full of warm water
Mix your paper pulp into the warm water
It feels chunky and wet and weird
Dip your deckle in, slowly lifting it straight up, letting most of the water drip out
Using a washcloth or sponge, squeeze the excess water out
Sometimes letters don't mix
While your paper is still wet, you can add glitter, or petals, or whatever floats your boat. The girls got a little carried away with the glitter... looks like a stripper exploded in my kitchen. 

Lastly, let the paper dry and send it home with other peoples children so you don't have to deal with the huge continuous mess the glitter will leave EVERYWHERE.

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