Tuesday, May 17, 2011

100: (Holy crap 100!!!) The Drunken Octopus

Isn't that the most awesome drunk octopus you've ever seen?!?! This coat / scarf / key / whatever hanger was a snap (with some liquid courage, power tools and a trip or two to The Depot.)

Step 1: Find some old crappy frames in your attic that your loving sister-in-law-to-be for whatever reason sent home with you after Thanksgiving last year.
Step 2: Scrub the spiders off and sand down to roughen it up a tad. Don't worry, we like it rough... Mine had some canvas looking material glued onto one of the levels of the frame. Came right off with some water and a little tugging.
Step 3: Paint. 
Step 4: Admire your handiwork. 
 Step 5: For the backing, I used some plexiglass I found from an old sign at work. Sanding it down so the paint adheres is a good idea.
Step 6: More painting
Step 7: More drying time!!
Step 8: Fastening everything together. Handy dandy Brads to secure the plexiglass to the frame
Like so...
Now that looks much better
Step 9: Bolt down the drunken octopus in the center of your frame.
Give it all another fine coat of paint, attach some hangars on the back and like magic, you've made something awesome! 
 Better get yourself a congratulatory beer ;)

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