Thursday, May 12, 2011

91: Now what do I do with 87 million markers?

Remember how I made paper pots? With miracle grow in the paper? Now I have to back and make sure I posted about that................ YES! #81. Check it if you missed out. Well, it being spring and all, I planted some seeds and needed some markers in them to remember what was what. I have PILES of extra blinds that I removed in my "shortening-of-the-blinds" day (who puts in 6 foot long blinds in 3 foot tall windows anyhow?!?!). Putting them to good use, I cut 7 inch pieces and using my trusty sharpie, labeled each pot. 
  Like this
 and this
Dill yo
 and this
and even like this

Speaking of plants, my basil smells like cat pee. 
It's growing amazingly for being a store bought hydroponic use-once plant from the grocery store. It's quite tasty too, but it smells funny :(
And will have to be relocated outside quite soon!

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