Thursday, May 12, 2011

94: The tale continues

Just kidding - I totally won remember?!
The table had a few rotten spots. A little wood filler works wonders. 

I totally forgot to take pictures of the filled wood. Picture it in your head... we're moving on. 

The leg assembly was pretty ingenious. There were two separate legs, one for each side (duh), and a big spring loaded brace thing that hooked into place on each leg, keeping it sturdy. With the legs, you'll notice one is longer than the other, this is because the shorter leg is mounted under the table on an extra piece of wood making it the same length as the longer legs. The longer legs are mounted directly under the table. That way, it sits level when it's open and when it's folded up, the legs lay flat together.
  The boy was kind enough to take the old legs off and fab some new ones. It was really wobbly before and there is no way anyone could have... never mind... The spring braces had cracked and been sort of screwed back together, so he rebuilt those too.  
We still have to put it all together and make sure we notch correctly for the spring braces. Throw a layer or three of top coat and it'll be ready for backyard movie night in no time!

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