Tuesday, May 17, 2011

99: I had faith, but I put a bird on it instead

I found these at Joann's on sale. Now I have faith and all, but I couldn't really see myself wearing these around. I took them home (Yes, I paid first!!) peeled off the puffy stickers and was left with shiny little boxes that were screaming to be made into something awesome. 
Diamond Glaze and scrapbook paper you say?! 
Cut your paper to fit just inside the boxes and glue them down. Carefully put a coat of Diamond Glaze over the top, taking care to not make bubbles. You will be inclined to shake the glaze before using it. RESIST THIS URGE! Bubbles in this stuff will make you go crazy. You can pop them with your fingers, or sometimes get them to the edge of the project and sort of scoot them off, but either way it's a hot mess. So, NO SHAKING!
Make sure you let them sit flat overnight. The opaque you see above will dry clear. 
Much better if I do say so myself.

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