Monday, May 16, 2011

97: Blossoms

I'm a huge fan of cheap. Paint, canvas, any sort of art supplies really. Joann's frequently has their paints on sale for 50 cents and when they do, I stock up. Caribbean Coast isn't a color I'd usually oodle over, but I've been thinking about how to paint a request for cherry blossoms I've had for a few years, and finally got a glimmer of an idea. 
Large brush strokes for a base
I'd penciled out where I wanted my branches and added some darker colors.
Just so there was no white in the background, I blended in some blue where the branches should be. But keeping it blurrier than the rest shows me right where I need the next layer.
Using another darker blue and some white also, I covered the canvas.
 Putting down a layer of pink base petals, I then added a lighter outline over each one, put some brown branches in, some white spires or pestals or whatever that part of the plant is called, a coat of shiny sealant and dropped it in the mail to my girl. 
The light pink sure lightens it up. I added some shiny green leaves also for some additional color.

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